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EZ Car Wash & Lube

Restore your vehicle's original luster at the EZ Car Wash & Lube Center. Our 100% hand wash vehicle detailing process is the safest and cleanest in the industry. Your car is safeguarded with: soft lamb's wool mittens, pH balanced shampoo and conditioners, soft water rinse and detergents, and 100% cotton towels.

The Hand Wash Advantage

Hand washing means that no clumsy mechanical equipment ever touches your car. Avoid the harsh brush marks, scratches, and hard water streaks cause by automated car washes. Receive a personalized car wash for the same price without risking damage to your chrome or molding.
                    OIL CHANGE!!!!
At Ez Car Wash & Lube our goal is to provide Superior Customer Service and Quality Workmanship. We serve two equally important groups... our Clients and our Associates. We believe in communication and personal responsibility. We are committed to these values.
              Under New Management 

EZ Car Wash & Lube is a family owned and operated company. 
We offer Full Service and Exterior Treatments along with a Full Oil Change Station and Auto Detailing, in the City of Pomona & Chino Hills CA.

From a Fast and Convenient Exterior to a Full Service Car wash with Automotive Detailing and Express Lube and Oil Service, we cover virtually all of your autos cleaning and preventive maintenance needs .